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Originally Posted by Ati View Post
You can find more info on races in Help -> Races, and more info on personalities in Help -> Personalities.

If your country is not fully built up to be able to defend itself at 200 acres, it stands an even smaller chance of defending itself with more land. Build everything up, train as many military units as possible, have your science at maximum, then gain more land. Either by exploring (if you have lots of barren land, you won't be able to explore) or by attacking others for land.
OK so this is not a 'create kingdom and instantly attack others game' is it? No problem - I have played this type before.

'Build everything up' = with not much land at start and with so many different types of buildings (not to mention different requirements) this is a big mountain to climb.

'Train troops' - I have trained some. I guess I should go look to see what kind I should train first..?

'Explore for more land' - I managed to do that because of already mentioned training of some troops. But for some reason it shows I cannot build on it.
Is there no stats on what sort of defense and attack your kingdom has? For example in another game I have played it goes something like this;

'Defensive buildings gives your kingdom an added 15% in defense vs attackers. But this defense is only added to your troops defense.' (No troops = no defense) 'Castles give you 35% added defense but greatly increases your kingdom's score.' ( = in range of higher kingdoms that could attack you..)

'Archers give you 2.05 damage and defense ( 2 point of damage per archer but only 0.05 defense)'

'Fighters is 1/1.'

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