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Yes thanks for the help but this game is complex beyond belief - everything I do creates another complex puzzle to try to figure out. It will take an iron will to complete it. Why you guys have not written a more direct guide is beyond me. For example;

1. build this...
2. write scrolls on this..
3. hire or train these...
4. Next day etc.

And then eventually the new players would have to try their luck vs the more skilled ones. I have written such a guide for another game; others have done this as well. Do you guys really expect new ones to come in here and suffer for weeks and months on end so they can just enjoy a text game?

Too much detail I think is one of the problems of this game. 'Clay pits, wood yards, etc. is one example. I remember another game I could not stand that required you to constantly update your troops equipment; from bare feet to sandals to boots to belts to lol..
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