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Fame is an interesting question... You get negative fame for attacking countries below you. You get positive fame for attacking countries above you.

If you are at the top, there are very few (if any) countries above you. This means that most actions will go downwards, giving the top countries negative fame.

The top countries will not attack you, it's not worth it for them. If they DO attack you, their army will be on route for days, always getting smaller and smaller in size. And because of the value difference, they will not gain anything from the attack even if they are successful.

So you do not have to worry about the top players.

You only have to worry about not getting close to them while you are unprepared.

Do not want extra value points by exploring, if your country is not at its maximum at its current size yet.

If you get attacked at first, that may even be good for you, your country will be smaller, away from the "brutal action", and you can get it ready for the big fights that will come when you start moving up.
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