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Cool game is vicious? Of course it is

First of all, I am a new player (only few days exp). Secondly, I wasn't attacked as the previous player complained by a superior player whose only purpose was to vanquish me (yet). But I see that the best players on the score table have fame more than 80,000 points minus (one has more than -200,000 p). What's going on? Can administration do something about this? It's extremely unfair for us, new players being attacked by the most valuable teams. I understand that the best teams have minus fame because there aren't valuable teams equal as theirs and I understand that they have the right to attack everyone they think that his defeat will benefit them. But it is also tempting attacking to easy targets when administration doesn't protect them. Why someone with 2 personalities, 30,000 value and 3 allies have the right to attack to a player who has 10,000 value and not the experience to make an alliance. Yes, sometimes the very new players can't find allies easily. I only mention the weakness of the game's rules. I'm sorry if are rules which are prevent this situation. Thanks for the answers...
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