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Longstreet 01-26-2006 18:20

New Players
My suggestion for New Players is this:

1. Read the help menu thouroughly.
2. Choose an easy race to you get comfortable in the game. Undead is about the easiest race you can use just build archers, horsemen and elites and join an alliance so that you can have eyes to see who you can attack. You dont need mines except metal mines and smithies for your weapons. You dont need thieves or mages.

3. Disadvantage is your going to get robbed so you must accept this facet of the game.

I will discuss the other races later

Ati 01-26-2006 18:24

I personally would not suggest undead for the first race. It is very easy to play with, but you will completely miss about two thirds of the game (wizardry and thievery).

I would only suggest Undead when you already know the game, and want an easyly managable country. Maybe as a second country if you have one in the upper levels.

Half 01-26-2006 19:24

The problem is that with an undead you can play. But you will not be good and it is boring. Unless your not experienced with experienced player.
I think undead race sux, but its true if you make an alliance of three undeads and az elf it can be good. But not the best!
I think.

Remedy 01-26-2006 19:35

i think a human thief is good for a start :) comfy, with forts, and archers.... a lot of thieves and some mages.... just don't forget your special race spell! :)

Ink@ 01-27-2006 16:43

Or another race for the beginers is the elf. It has very good defence and most of the people don`t attack you if they can`t see anything of what defence you have.
Your only problems are the thieves so you have to train as much as you can of them.:)

Xeper 01-27-2006 19:20

In my opinion the best starting race is giant.
Strong with mages, strong with army, and on 200 acres you nearly can't be harmed with thieves. Less attack against you, but you can practice a lot :)

Half 01-28-2006 17:57

Yeah but not the easiest but the most interesting for starting is half-elf I think its much fun getting information all the time robbing and stuff. especially if you have a good alliance:)

MiKoR 01-28-2006 19:25

My first race was gnome (in the hungarian game), I prefer this because of the special race spell and it's advantage in sciences.
It can be good as a mage or a warrior!

Half 01-28-2006 19:38


Originally Posted by MiKoR
My first race was gnome (in the hungarian game), I prefer this because of the special race spell and it's advantage in sciences.
It can be good as a mage or a warrior!

Mage si not the best i think because the Gnomes mages can be killed very easily I prefer Giant for mage.

Mike zoostorm 01-29-2006 18:03

I agree with Ink@. I think the elves are really good to start with. Good defence, and can be fun to play with them. Their spell is really good, nobody knows how hard is to get through their defence and if they can "reply" to the attack.
Personally my first choice was dwarves... Maybe not the best if you are afraid of thieves but can have a great bunch of units.

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